Monday, March 17, 2008

What if number 48 - Hey there cowboy~~

What if a horse wanted to ride you instead?

Yee haw? Scary thought, some chicks do this for a living, playing with.... ya know.... stuff... well, lets just say, where do you think "hung like a horse" came from? I'd first of all take my horse to my local clinic and hear the doctor say, "is it just me? Or he has a long face!?" We'll have a laugh and then i'll smash him in the face with the horses.... tail! yes TAIL! That's after I ask him if it's safe for a horse to ride me. DUH! Of course it's safe - is what the doctor will say! Yee haw?

Which reminds me of a joke : One day, a man and his horse took the dog running in the field, they ran and they ran and then ran, then they stopped to take a break. Suddenly the dog said, "Man! I'm so tired!!" The man was so scared that he jumped on the horse and then they rode off as fast as they possibly can. They stopped, the man said, "Oh shit, did we lose him?! ", then the horse said, "I didn't know that dogs could talk!!"

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