Saturday, October 6, 2007

What if number 42 - Potions for sale!!

What if you could get health potions and energy/mana potions in RL!!!? (suggests Joseph)

Well!!! I'm pretty sure someone will try it out on their cut, by drinking it. And then magically they will get patched up instantly!!! NEAT!!! But.... i'll bet it comes at a very very insane price...

Many of the games you see in today's culture... that includes potions... do not allow your player to go to the toilet or even show weakness in any way. It's like... THEY'RE MACHINES!!! *DUH!!!* I'm pretty sure if someone made something of the sort, healing potions... first it'll be taken to the hospital to see if it can cure cancer patients... and when the withdraw symptoms hit, it'll probably kill them instantly. FUN TIMES!!!

Withdraw symptoms maybe be any of the following : Severe Diarrhea, Uncontrollable vomiting, Rectal bleeding, impotence, weakness to the joints, temporary blindness, inability to taste and touch, hemorrhaging in the fingertips, dry mouth. Consult your potion dealer before use.